Wishing for Coat Season

As the season changes, Daylight Savings Time turns the late afternoon into dusk, and many regions turn to their warm outerwear to brave the day's temperatures, Texas residents play make-believe that it is truly autumn. A 90 degree day hits us again, after fooling our minds that the cool weather might stay until spring. Someone once defined Texas seasons as "Almost Summer, "Summer", "Still Summer", and "Christmas," and I agree completely with them.

And so, Texans must live vicariously through other regions' fall and winter fashion. Here are some coats that I would love to be wearing if I were living in another state.

Found on: http://warehouse.andotherbrands.com/

Anna Collarless Fur Jacket, found on www.shopbop.com

City Grid Coat, found on www.madewell.com

Wide-cut Faux Fur Coat, found on www.hm.com

Bobby McGee Coat in Burgundy/Navy, found on www.laurenmoffat.net

Double-cloth Lady Day Coat with Thinsulate, found on www.jcrew.com

Undercover Fur Collar Wool-blend Coat, found on www.matchesfashion.com

Wool Melton Swing Coat, found on www.jcrew.com