Local Entrepreneurs: Fashion X Dallas

Lights, cameras, fashion! Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga

Last week I attended the Fashion X Dallas event, created by Austin Fashion Week and the Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG). I brought a sweet, fashionista friend with me and we both relished in the glamour of the evening.

Before the runway show, the galleries were set up with designers showcasing their products, from clutches and fine jewelry to bowties and blazers. I purchased a necklace from designer Mad Jewels, whose shop I am now mildly obsessed with and who lives right here in Dallas!

Here I am wearing my new necklace, with Madison of Mad Jewels:

Pictured: Me, Madison Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga

Another designer's products that I admired were those of Brackish Bow Ties. Uniquely crafted with real bird feathers, and each one as different as the birds they come from, these pieces are brilliantly done. I'm still in awe of the craftsmanship and ingenuity by Ben Ross and Jeff Plotner. If I were a man, I would snatch one of these up in a heartbeat!

Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga

Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga

Coming up next are several photos (not necessarily top-notch quality) of runway looks that I enjoyed.

Pictured: Model with Mysterious by N.P.N Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga

Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga

Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga

Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga

Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga

Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga

Thursday night's runway designers included (in alphabetical order):

Adrienne Yunger

Beaus and Ribbons

Binzario Couture

Curlee Bikini

Edo Popken

League of Rebels

Mysterious by NPN

Romas by Linda Rowe Thomas

Ross Bennett

Lastly, here we are posing on the runway:

Pictured: Alesha, Me Credit: Kjerstin Bjerga