More Than White Noise

So often when designing or re-designing a room, my first reaction is to choose a color for the walls and determine how to place the most visual impact in the space. But what if the best choice isn't found in a box of Crayola markers or Roy G. Biv? Rather, what if a pure-white, snowy finish would give that room the life it deserves? 

Take a moment and scroll through these interiors. Each one is a real, lived-in home. Even though the wall colors may be similar, each one carries its own personality. Maybe it will spark an interest in you to try the white-washed look in your home, as it has in me. 

[It's also worth noting that windows and natural light play an integral part in these rooms, giving sunlight the opportunity to glow and pour into the spaces. Take note if you are designing a room to use the openings to your advantage - never let a window go unused.]

Each home pictured is a real, lived-in space as depicted through Apartment Therapy's home tours.