What a Good Woman Does

“I don’t know when I started believing this, but I used to think if you’re a good woman you can’t be messy, and you can’t be mad,” [Joy Williams] explains of her emotional evolution and how it’s reflected in the song. “I’ve been learning that neither of those two things is true. This is that moment when you want to call someone up and give them a piece of your mind, but you don’t because you know that no good will come of it.”
— Lauren Valenti, Marie Claire

Have you heard the latest preview of Joy Williams' album, set to release on June 30th? Take 4 minutes out of your day to listen, because it is haunting, beautiful, and perfectly honest. Click on the image below. Joy, I cannot wait to hear your entire album. 

Generously provided by Marie Claire and VEVO: http://www.marieclaire.com/celebrity/news/a14498/joy-williams-what-a-good-woman-does/