Don't Let Fear Keep You...

I found this wonderful graphic quote on the Facebook page of Elizabeth Gilbert (author of six books — most notably "Eat, Pray, Love"). 

I often imagine that talent or genius must be fully separate from fear in order to thrive, but Georgia admits that fear was a major part of her life and it did not stop her pursuit of success.

Here are a few of Elizabeth's thoughts on the topic. I hope you take some comfort in her words as I have today.

"I think we get stuck sometimes in this crazy belief that — in order to achieve anything of value in life — we must become fearless. I'm very much against that word: FEARLESS. I don't believe in it, and I certainly don't strive for it. There is no fear you could possibly imagine that I have not experienced — especially in regard to creativity...

Creativity has a chance to thrive within me, despite my many terrors. So that's my prayer for you all — not that you will become fearless, but that you will always be SLIGHTLY more curious about the world than you are frightened of it. Because the victory of curiosity is the fertile field where exploration, invention, transformation and creation will all begin to grow. "

-Elizabeth Gilbert