[More Than Just Spring] Cleaning Ideas On This First Day of Fall

The start of a another season brings new energy, new goals, and the need for new organization...at least in my mind and space. Usually we save our major cleaning for February and March, but the spring season shouldn't get all the improvement and attention! 

Here are three tasks I am committing by the end of this month.

1. Alphabetizing my record & book collections.

  • No, I don't have an extensive repertoire of either material, but even a small gathering of items can be improved. Do you have a recipe collection that is getting out of hand? Or perhaps your workspace needs spatial arranging? Take a few minutes today to make some progress. 

2. Hanging what I can on my walls (to remove surface clutter). 

  • Too many paintings, drawings, quotes, or frames are "waiting in the wings," so to speak, until I have time to give them proper wall space. But let's be honest, there are plenty of times when I could turn off my TV or close my laptop in order to get these pieces hung. So I'm going to do just that. 

3. Arranging my armoire drawers with purpose.

  • One of the worst (or is it best?) places of disorganization is my intimates drawer. Good thing I just saw this brilliant idea in an old Southern Living magazine I had laying around! 1. Grab a few shoe boxes, 2. Place them in your lingerie or intimates drawer, and 3. Divide and conquer the mess! 

Happy organizing! Here are some inspirational images to get it done: