Kjerstin Bjerga


my philosophy

I help people find unique ways to express their brand mission and aesthetic, through original photography, artistic marketing content, and visual design styling, so that they grow in brand recognition and long-term customer loyalty.



Let’s start with my first name, Kjerstin — pronounced “cheer-stin.”

I am first and foremost an artist.

…a crafter of beauty, inspired by ingenuity, and continually soaking in different aspects of the creative dimension.

Even though an artistic perspective comes naturally for me, I also find ways to stretch and exercise this creative “muscle” — with a goal to make it stronger and more impactful for the people in my life.

I believe everyone is creative. EVERYONE.

Now, here’s the caveat. You may not have been born with artistic inclinations like I was; maybe the thought of hand-drawing a logo, or writing a creative headline, or choosing a brand palette, or styling an event space, or painting a mural, sends your heart rate into the triple digits.

[deep breaths]

There is hope when you are facing artistic paralysis.

Turn to someone like me! Someone who cares deeply about the artistic elements displayed in every business, brand, and graphic. It’s my joy to use these innate talents to benefit others, in business and in life.

I help businesses accurately project their brand and boost customer loyalty through authentic photography, one-of-a-kind marketing content, and aesthetic styling, so that they stand out in a digitally saturated world.

I would love to talk with you — it only takes 20 minutes to get to know each other and explore a collaboration.

Click on my calendar to find a time slot that fits with your schedule.



Hey again! Thanks for taking the time to read more about my mission. whether or not we work together in the future, thank you for clicking on my link and boosting my website SEO or something ;)