Kjerstin Bjerga


level up your Brand


Strengthen Your Image

proactive perception

Here are a few ways that I help business leaders assemble their unique branding “toolbox” and equip themselves for the changing world:

  • Develop a stronger mission statement

  • Craft a logo that better fits your business values

  • Rework your brand color palette to carry more meaning across your organization

Photo by Austin Chan [Unsplash]

Photo by Austin Chan [Unsplash]


Showcase Your Expertise

AUTHENTIC messages

Writing quality, attention-getting copy for email newsletters and promotions

Gathering customer testimonials, supplying ongoing content in the form of blog posts, social media promotions, print ads, etc.

Tailoring any existing branding copy to project the right message and attract the best fit customers

Style Your Aesthetic

unique visual experiences

Leading styled photography shoots for your products/services and assembling into a personalized photo “vault” for future use

Styling interior spaces or offices for promotional events, client conferences — all to promote and highlight your brand message

Custom font design, hand-lettering and chalkboard art for signage, unique event invitations, and more

Jazmin Quaynor — Unsplash

Jazmin Quaynor — Unsplash



Her natural ability to influence others towards growth and improvement is what makes Kjerstin a great friend and an invaluable asset to any company.”